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What is DNS?

DNS (Domain Name System) is a type of name server that hosts a network service for providing responses to queries against a directory service. A DNS server has two main purposes, the most important function is to translate human-memorable domain names and hostnames into corresponding IP addresses. The second function is used to locate computer systems and resources on the Internet.

Without a DNS server you would have to enter the whole IP address instead of an URL to locate and browse a website.

Who should use Pingdom DNS check?
The current version of Pingdom DNS Check is a good tool for anyone interested in whether DNS servers are properly set up and are responding correctly.

What does Pingdom DNS check do?
The DNS Check will help you terminate if your DNS is configured correct. By checking the delegation, name server, consistency, SOA, connectivity, and DNSSEC.

The purpose is simple: To ease troubleshooting by identifying potential problems with your DNS.

DNS check shows warnings/errors
There are multiple problems that could be the cause to an error or warning, it really depends on what test identifies the problem. Sometimes it helps to read our troubleshooting guide.

Can Pingdom DNS check really say if something is wrong?
Yes, but it's hard to give an absolute answer regarding the domain DNS health. Please keep in mind that Pingdom doesn't claim 100% accuracy on its tests.

To add a little confusion, depending on where you are in the world opinions are divided on DNS health.

Does DNS check handle IPv6?
No, right now the DNS check does not handle IPv6.

Why can't I test my domain?

1. To prevent multiple execution of multiple tests from the same zone from the same IP address there is a 5 minute forced delay between identical tests. This means that a test with the same domain cannot be executed twice within 5 minutes.

2. DNS check is designed to test domains (yoursite.com) and not a domain with hostname (www). This means that the DNS check verifies the website you entered really is a valid domain. This verification process can in some rare cases fail and results in the zone not being approved.

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